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Doreen Ritchie is a Life & Business Coach in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Executive Coaching Northern Ireland

This includes coaching for Senior Executives, management, staff, and interview and career coaching

Finance Coaching Northern Ireland

Coaching can shed light on the mindset you have around money and help you manage your finances more effectively

Life & Relationship Coaching Northern Ireland

I help people achieve their desired life changes and reach their full potential by giving them clarity and control over their lives.

“If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”

‘If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done’, in other words, to have a better life, you have to change. Small things, like questioning your limiting beliefs, can make huge differences. When you change your beliefs to more positive ones, your thoughts and feelings change too, and your outlook will be more positive.


Hi…I’m Doreen Ritchie and I’m a Life and Business Coach in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


I have coached many clients of all ages from different walks of life, and they go on to change all aspects of their lives; they gain confidence, self-belief, strength and resilience, and I show them how they can create a life they love. I can show YOU too!

I also advocate thinking about yourself and your world in a different way, which promotes feelings of personal responsibility and control, and encourages you to live more fully. In all areas, as your coach, I am 100% behind you and always there to empathise and encourage, to bring out the best in you and let you see what you’re capable of!

Life Coaching in Northern Ireland

In my previous career in Finance as a Senior Manager, I managed many teams and have vast experience in dealing with people from all walks of life and helping them solve their problems. When I decided to change my career,  I qualified as a Life and Executive Coach because I love helping people who are experiencing challenges in their lives or in their careers and want to change them for the better. I have turned my own professional and personal life around too, into one of daily joy and fulfilment, and I bring all my years of experience and training into my practice.

So, don’t accept an unfulfilled life of mediocrity – you CAN do something about it!  Change may mean leaving your old life behind so you can move on to a better one, and change is scary, but as your coach, I’ll be there to help guide you every step of the way and support you as you move on!

Belfast’s #1 Life Coach

I help people who are stuck, unfulfilled or unhappy in their personal or professional lives, by dealing with issues holding them back from moving on and achieving their goals. So, if your problems are personal, we will look at where they are arising and you will learn how to increase your confidence and self-esteem and your ability to deal with others. If you are experiencing stress, anxiety or overwhelm, I can show you how to reduce these feelings drastically or get rid of them completely. I also help people set out and achieve specific personal goals such as sticking to a weight-loss regime, or preparing for an interview/meeting/presentation, or tackling an important decision that you keep putting off. I can also help and guide you through difficult inter-personal problems.

If you’re at present in business and aren’t as successful as you’d like, I can help you manage your options/finance more effectively and grow your leadership skills so you can inspire your team and interact more productively with potential customers. If you have a complete career change in mind but aren’t sure how to proceed, I can help you break it down into manageable goals and encourage you to achieve these within your timeframe.

Life is short – start making changes now, with my help, to have the life you really want, to create a life you love!

Doreen Ritchie, Life Coach Belfast

 BSc (Hons), MSc Management(QUB), TEFL Cert., QQI 6 Coaching.

My practice is based at Source Wellbeing Centre in Belfast, which I also manage.

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Source Wellbeing Centre,
330 Beersbridge Road,

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07761 476920