The introductory packages



1) Three initial weekly sessions (x70mins each) to gauge your present situation and discuss the best approach going forward in order to maximise the impact of your development.

  • Free initial consultation
  • Each session lasts for 70   mins
  • Session conducted face to face or via Zoom
  • Free email access to me after a session
  • Free Coaching Tools
  • Feedback


2) A morning or afternoon ‘Intensive’ of 4 hours, at a top hotel (incl. lunch) to gauge how you came to be where you are now, and to give us a baseline from which to progress to the next stage in your development.

  • In-depth calibration of where you are in your life right now
  • Ascertain and confirm the present challenges and issues you face
  • Set out real term targets on how to resolve the issues raised
  • Further meetings (time, cost and location) to be agreed between us
  • Free email access to me for one week after Intensive

The support packages

Support packages – going forward, we will work with you around the key aspects of your desired life changes, enabling you to make decisions with clarity and confidence.  Your development is something that will require regular focus until it becomes habitual.  Different people take different lengths of time for these changes and processes to become embodied, therefore there are two packages of different lengths:

1) The SILVER packages (2) – comprising a mixture of 1-to-1 sessions, Zoom sessions or phone calls to suit your particular needs, over a three-month period. We can begin to address some of the aspects of your desired life improvement and self-development.

  • Free initial consultation
  • 2 x 60min sessions per month OR 2 x 70min sessions per month
  • Session conducted face to face or via Zoom.
  • Free email access to me between sessions
  • Extra  –  3 ’emergency’ 15 min phonecalls
  • OR – extra 3 x 30 min Zoom calls
  • Free Coaching Tools
  • Feedback and homework
  • Realistic targets set between sessions

FEES for each :- Available on request

2) The GOLD package – which takes your development to the next level,  using 1-to-1  sessions, Zoom sessions and phone calls over a six-month period, we will have time to explore all aspects of your life, goals and aspirations, to ensure that your desired life changes are well under way, and  your understanding of the process is maximised.

  • Free initial consultation
  • 1 hour session per week = 24 sessions in total
  • Session conducted face to face, or via Zoom.
  • Free email access to me between sessions
  • Up to 4 “urgent” 15min calls overall
  • Free Coaching Tools
  • Feedback and homework
  • Realistic targets set between sessions

FEE:-   Available on request

The Platinum package

This is a bespoke package for those who would like ongoing support and mentoring for 6 -12 months.

Big life changes take time to play out. Sometimes the embedded habits of a lifetime are resistant to change at first, and some goals take longer than others to achieve.

Are you thinking of starting your own business?   Changing your career?  Going to live in another country?  Or maybe your personal life has gone through massive changes and you’re starting out again? In any case, to have ongoing support and guidance from your coach while making huge changes like these is priceless.

If you really want to transform your life, then coaching and support through all the ups and downs you’ll meet over a longer period is crucial for lasting change.

Comprising a complete care package to suit your needs at all times, through powerful 1-1 coaching sessions, Zoom sessions, phone calls and mentoring

FEES:   Available on request.

Please note

the Silver, Gold and Platinum packages are all eligible for my easy payment plan.

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