Are you happy in your work?

Are you excited to get up in the morning and get started?

Do you enjoy the challenge and the interaction with colleagues?

If not – why not?

Maybe some of these apply to you…..

Do you have levels of anxiety and overwhelm in your job? Are you worried about not meeting performance targets? Do you find you don’t have the right support at work? Or maybe you’re constantly under pressure with an increasing workload? Are you involved in constant decision-making tasks? Is your confidence low due to persistent stress? Are the problems of dealing with difficult people wearing you down?

In these very uncertain times, Coaching and Workshops provided by an Organisation show that it is willing to invest in its greatest asset – its people. My workshops can be tailored for the specific needs of the Company, and all my workshops for the workplace are now running online via Zoom. They can also be attended individually (minimum class size 8) at different times.

My Online Workshops are optimised for:

  • Reducing stress, anxiety and worry
  • Increasing confidence
  • Improving resilience
  • Learning how to deal with difficult people
  • Improving work/life balance
  • Dealing with ‘Imposter Syndrome’ – overcoming fears of failure, of change, of not being good enough.

In the words of a client, Vicky:

“I’d spent a lifetime avoiding money issues and after a few sessions I felt confident enough to tackle my personal finances and literally sort my life out. The knock on effect on all areas of my life was unexpectedly positive, I felt so much more in control – of everything! Highly recommend.”

My Online Workshops are for the individual OR organisation, and provide benefits such as:

Individual Benefits

  • Reduction in stress and anxiety
  • Increased motivation and commitment
  • Improved decision making
  • Enhanced self-awareness
  • Greater flexibility
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Ability to work independently
  • A greater sense of responsibility for own actions and results

Corporate Benefits

  • Building resilience/minimising stress
  • Enhancing communications
  • Reduction of recruitment costs
  • More committed workforce
  • Increasing productivity or sales
  • Reduction of sick leave costs
  • Minimising loss of intellectual capital
  • Talent management/succession planning

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