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Doreen Ritchie Life Coaching Services Chicago

Doreen Ritchie is pleased to announce that she is now available for life coaching to the good people of Chicago.

Over the years, Doreen has had consistent demand for her services from the USA, and has recently decided to expand her service offering to cover the Chicago and Illinois area.

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Clients come to me for many reasons, but they all have ONE thing in common – they want to change their lives for the better! Better jobs, better career, better personal relationships, better health – and now, going forward into the NEW NORMAL – learn how to FUTURE-PROOF your life so that uncertainty can be dealt with easily and confidently! Learn how to gain control and clarity around your thinking so that even if you don’t know what might happen tomorrow, you will be 100% sure that you are equipped to deal with it!

I offer specific coaching on

Business matters – Executive Coaching

Money matters – Finance Coaching

Personal matters – Life and Relationship Coaching.

I also show you how to think about yourself and your changing world in a different way, which promotes feelings of personal responsibility and control, thereby reducing STRESS and increasing CONFIDENCE and belief in yourself.

I have a 100% success rate – all my clients make changes and move on to live happier and more fulfilled lives!

With my help, YOU can do it too!

DOREEN RITCHIE – MSc Management(QUB), BSc (Hons), TEFL., QQI 6 Coaching.



“Not only was the life coaching course both fun and challenging but Doreen’s direct feedback for improving my self-belief, esteem and confidence was invaluable. Doreen has a calm and logical method of coaching that truly connected and inspired me, I cannot speak highly enough of Doreen’s life coaching course!” Sonia
“Doreen is magic! Hard to believe I went from someone who rarely looked at bank statements and actively avoided all money matters, to someone who is now in charge of the family finances. I’ve switched bank accounts, negotiated a mortgage and hunted down the best value ISA’s for us. More than that I finally feel confident meeting any situation arising in my life!” Vicky



Best Chicago Life Coach 2021

“I would highly recommend anyone who is considering working with a life coach to look no further than Doreen. I can honestly say I have taken massive steps forward in my life since I began working with her. I look forward to each appointment with excitement knowing that Doreen will provide me with empathy and encouragement where I can gain insights into my own truths.” Sam
“I had a well-structured and insightful course of coaching with Doreen. She has a wealth of personal life experience and I really enjoyed her step by step approach. At the end of our sessions I had achievable and concrete action points, which I was able to confidently move forward on! She really made a difference…” Kevin
“Being a very active person I often felt overwhelmed by everything I thought I had to do and my self-esteem suffered the consequences. I am honoured and happy that Doreen was my life coach because she brings her solar personality in and from the first time I felt immediately in a safe place. Through my sessions with Doreen I have gained clarity about myself and calmness and self-confidence.” Claudio
“I have just finished a series of coaching sessions with Doreen and I can honestly say that I feel like a different person. Doreen has helped me with a number of problem areas in my life – she helped me identify my self-defeating thoughts and behaviours that had given rise to these situations and gave me the methods I could use to change these for the better. I will be forever grateful!” Alison

Just Send Me a Message Today on My Facebook Chatbox Below to BOOK your FREE Introductory Life Coaching Session! PHONE: (312)2842931


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