Who is it for?

I help people who are stuck, unfulfilled or unhappy in their personal or professional lives, by dealing with the problems holding them back from moving on and achieving their goals.

  • If your problems are personal, we will look at where they are arising and you will learn how to increase your confidence and self-esteem and your ability to deal with others.
  • If you have problems around stress, anxiety or overwhelm, I can show you how to reduce these feelings drastically or get rid of them completely.
  • I also help people set out and achieve specific personal goals such as sticking to a weight-loss regime, or preparing for an interview/meeting/presentation.
  • If you are tackling an important life decision, coaching can give you clarity and control in your decision-making.
  • I can also help and guide you through difficult inter-personal issues.

Why do you need it?

If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done, in other words, to have a better life, you have to change. Small things, like questioning your limiting beliefs, can make huge differences. When you change your beliefs to more positive ones, your thoughts and feelings change too, and your outlook will be more positive overall. Thinking about yourself and your world in a different way promotes feelings of personal responsibility and control, and encourages you to live more fully. When you feel better about yourself and more in control of your own feelings, building strong connections with others will become easier and more fulfilling.

Relationships are incredibly important in our lives, whether with friends, family, co-workers, partners or children, and all can be problematic. As much as we derive great benefit and happiness from good relationships, poor or broken relationships can cause a lot of pain and heartache, and be very debilitating to our everyday lives. As human beings, strong connections with others is absolutely essential for our wellbeing.

Coaching can help strengthen good connections with others, mend broken connections and help you deal with emotional issues around any poor relationship by helping you to understand the underlying causes. Or if a relationship has reached an end, the coach can help you move on.

Who is your coach?

I have supervised and mentored friends, children, co-workers and staff  throughout my professional career, and I bring a lifelong experience of relationships to my coaching – with family, children, divorce, love and friendship!

I have coached many clients of all ages from different walks of life, and they go on to change all aspects of their lives; they gain confidence, self-belief, strength and resilience, and I show them how they can create a life they love. I can show YOU too!

In all areas, as your coach, I am 100% behind you and always there to empathise and encourage, to bring out the best in you and let you see what you’re capable of!

What do you get out of it?

My Coaching expertise will give you:

  1. clarity and control over how you want your life to be
  2. more awareness around your thinking and your feelings
  3. a reduction in stress and anxiety
  4. an increase in confidence and resilience
  5. this all results in you making better decisions about your life and relationships
  6. you achieve your goals and create success and happiness in your life!

In the words of a client, Richard:

“I want to thank you for helping me through a rough time with some personal issues that I had, and also several business problems, all of which I didn’t realise at the time were greatly holding me back. You guided me through the whole process and taught me some new techniques which I now use every day! So grateful, and would recommend you to family, friends and customers!”

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