Finance Coaching Northern Ireland

Do you regularly buy things you don’t really want or need? Do you throw out your credit card bills without opening them? Do you dread seeing your bank balance? When you think of your money situation do you feel … Fear? Shame? Disgust? Panic??

You are not alone….one in ten adults in the UK spend more than they earn every month.

But – you need to get to grips with your money management!

Belfast’s #1 Finance Coach

There are various ways of dealing with your existing debt, and coaching can help you explore the reasons why you got into your situation in the first place and how you can deal with getting out of it. However, the most important thing coaching can do for you is shed light on the emotions you have around money and show you how to alter your thinking so as to change those emotions and relieve your stress. Then you can plan – with the coach’s help – how you will manage your debt in a more rational way, and ensure that you don’t get into debt again!

Coaching can also help you look at decisions around career changes to earn more money, or fulfilling a dream without risking financial security!

I’ve had a career in Finance as an accountant and then as a senior Finance manager, and personally, I’ve also had first –hand experience of stressful money emotions. But I’m here to tell you that even the worst debt can be managed and even the most stressful emotions around your debt can be changed forever! I’ve helped clients take back control of their lives through successful debt management and changing their thoughts and emotions around money.

There IS light at the end of the tunnel!

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