Who is it for?

This coaching is for business people who want to change their lives in some way – new career, new job, promotion, and personal goals. 

It includes coaching for Senior Executives, management, staff, and interview and career coaching.  I also give workshops at your premises in subjects such as:  Reducing Anxiety, Dealing with Stress, and Increasing Confidence.

Why do you need it?

Business is incredibly diverse, but people from all sectors will benefit from coaching, where the coach guides the client from where they are to where they want to be, utilising their strengths and building on their weaknesses, in order to help them excel in their fields. For example, if you’re at present in business and aren’t as successful as you’d like, I can help you manage your options/finance more effectively and grow your leadership skills so you can inspire your team and interact more productively with potential customers. If you have a complete career change in mind but aren’t sure how to proceed, I can help you break it down into manageable goals and encourage you to achieve these within your timeframe.

Who is your coach?

  • I have spent 25 years in Finance, management, personal development, team-building, supervision and mentoring.
  • My Masters is in Organisation and Management.
  • I have just finished teaching a course at Queen’s University Belfast, which will be repeated in 2020, on how to change your life using a different way of thinking
  • I have co-authored a book on coaching called Activate Your Life (Vol II).
  • I have a deep understanding and many years of experience in how business works, for example, what kind of business you want to start up; employing and managing staff; managing customers and their expectations; dealing with VAT & HMRC and buying and selling products. The situations that occur in your job/your business will present challenges. It is how you deal with these challenges that we will address through powerful 1-1 coaching.

As a coach, I can help you develop your potential into a new or better career or new management strengths, with higher self-esteem and renewed confidence which will pay off in the workplace.

What do you get out of it?

My Coaching expertise will give you:

  1. clarity and control over how you want your life to be
  2. more awareness around your thinking and your feelings
  3. a reduction in stress and anxiety
  4. an increase in confidence and resilience
  5. this all results in you making better decisions about your life or business
  6. you meet your goals and create success and happiness in your life!

Life Coaching is one of the best investments you can make to ensure your future success and happiness, so invest your money in yourself in a manner that is both affordable and manageable. It is important to feel that you are getting value for money, with a Coach who understands you and empathises with you.

With a supportive and knowledgeable Life Coach, your dreams of a new life or career goal are eminently achievable!

In the words of a client, Michael:

“Doreen challenged my thought processes around my work and I realised something had to change… I subsequently implemented changes into my professional life and these have affected my work/life balance in a very positive way. I now only work four days a week instead of five or six. Can highly recommend the service Doreen offers!”

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