Hi…I’m Doreen Ritchie and I’m a Life and Executive Coach in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I’m also a public speaker, giving talks and workshops to the public and within organisations; a published author – the book I co-authored ‘Activate Your Life Vol II’ was published in December 2019 and is available on Amazon; and  tutor at Queen’s University Belfast – my course ‘Change Your Mind – Change Your Life!’ runs in the Spring and Autumn terms.

I work with women business owners and executives to achieve their desired life changes and reach their full potential by empowering them to gain clarity and control over their personal or professional lives through in-depth 1:2:1 coaching, in person or by Zoom.

I work with women entrepreneurs and executives who’ve achieved a level of personal and professional success, but who feel overwhelmed, unfulfilled or a little stuck in their lives. A lot of the time they feel anxious, lost, and guilty because they don’t spend enough time with their families, meanwhile they’re working long hours at the office and bringing work home – but they’re still not getting ahead professionally. They feel disconnected from loved ones and they know something has to change, but they’re not sure what that is or how best to go about it.

What I do is I walk them through my step-by-step program to help them gain peace of mind, clarity of thought, and a better work/life balance.
When they’re calm and in control they make better decisions in both their personal and professional lives.

In my previous career in Finance as a Senior Manager, I managed many teams and have vast experience in dealing with people from all walks of life and helping them solve their problems.

When I decided to change my career, I qualified as a Life and Executive Coach because I love helping people who are experiencing challenges in their lives or in their careers and want to change them for the better. I have turned my own professional and personal life around too and I bring all my years of experience and training into my practice.

Belfast’s #1 Life Coach

So, don’t accept an unfulfilled life of mediocrity – you CAN do something about it!  Change may mean leaving your old life behind so you can move on to a better one, and change is scary, but as your coach, I’ll be there to help guide you every step of the way and support you as you move on!

Life is short – start making changes now, with my help, to have the life you really want –  to achieve the life you deserve!

My practice is based in East Belfast.

Visit me:

Source Wellbeing Centre,
330 Beersbridge Road,

Call me:

07761 476920