Relationship Coaching

Relationships are incredibly important in our lives, whether with friends, family, co-workers, partners or children, and all can be problematic. As much as we derive great benefit and happiness from good relationships, poor or broken relationships can cause a lot of pain and heartache, and be very debilitating to our everyday lives. As human beings, strong connections with others is absolutely essential for our wellbeing.

Coaching can help strengthen good connections with others, mend broken connections and help you deal with emotional issues around any poor relationship by helping you to understand the underlying causes. Or if a relationship has reached an end, the coach can help you move on.

I have supervised and mentored friends, children, lovers, co-workers, and staff throughout my professional career, and I bring a lifelong experience of relationships to my coaching – with family, children, divorce, love and friendship! When you feel better about yourself and more in control of your own feelings, building strong connections with others will become easier and more fulfilling.

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