That’s the title of the Open Learning Course I’m giving at Queen’s University this Autumn – starting Tuesday 24th September, then every Tuesday till 22nd October.  The tIme is 7pm -9pm.  It does what it says in the title – teaches you how to look at things differently and apply that thinking to all the difficult parts of your life – so below is the link so you can pop over and enrol!  There’s only room for 20 people – make sure you’re one of them!

So – hello to all of you who haven’t been on my page before or who don’t know me at all! I’m quite active on FB , Instagram, and LinkedIn  so you can go along and have a look at all those and maybe friend me/ connect/ follow, or whatever.  I also have a YouTube channel, where you’ll find me under Doreen Ritchie ‘Live Your Life’. -please head over and subscribe!

Anyway, I’ve been in business  for a while and I coach and give workshops at Source Wellbeing Centre in Beersbridge Road. So – in February I decided to have a go proposing an actual course to Queen’s University Belfast to be included in their Open Learning programme for this Autumn.  After a lot of filling in forms and waiting for the academics to meet and discuss the proposed course, I heard back in June that my course had been accepted to run Sep – October this year!!

The course will cover a lot of what I help people with in my coaching – and if you look on here, you’ll see SOME of the testimonials I’ve got over the last 18 months, but you can also find more on my entry in the  Life Coach DIrectory Belfast,  under my name, and also on, and my GOOGLE entry. Here’s one from a colleague :

             “I met Doreen at BNI networking meetings and she kindly offered me a session so as I could understand what exactly it is she does and how it can benefit people. I have to say I really enjoyed the session, which allowed me to delve into the past and discuss how it relates to and affects present thinking. We often get bogged down with family and work commitments but one session with Doreen left me feeling very relaxed, positive about the future and very content with the present, the here and the now.

The service Doreen offers can benefit each individual in so many different ways and the positivity gained from discussions with Doreen can not only have a positive impact on your personal life but also in your work environment. I can highly recommend the service Doreen offers…..

Thanks again Doreen!!”     And thank you my friend!


The title of the course  ‘CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Uncover the path to a new reality.’  is so named because it’s totally true!  If you change the way you think, you create a different reality for yourselves.  Dr. Wayne Dyer used to say, :

                                        ‘If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.’

and Mike Dooley tells us :   ‘Thoughts become things!’

So, I’m a firm believer that this is true:  if you change how you perceive the world and your reality, then your feelings change, your mood changes, you make better decisions, which lead to more productive and helpful actions – which all add up to a better reality on a  daily basis!

I mean, wouldn’t you want to change some things about your work?  Are you working in a toxic workplace atmosphere? Would knowing how to deal with these problems help you? :-

   setting career goals and changing career; dealing with difficult people; self-confidence; dealing with criticism.

One module of my course deals with exactly these problems and how to overcome them  – mainly by seeing them in a different light.

And this morning I just head on the radio that the number of sick days taken every year by people suffering the effects of stress and anxiety is costing companies MILLIONS of ££  every year – and people are more and more likely to become depressed due to pressure and anxiety at work, so wouldn’t you like to know how to stop that?

Module 4 of my course deals with just this :-

    fostering good mental health; losing weight; self-care; anxiety and depression – how to reduce them; self-esteem issues, confidence.

So people – watch the video below and then follow the link to the enrolment page of Queen’s University Open Learning  programme for the Autumn term, and SIGN UP!!! As I said – there’s a limited number of places, so make sure YOU are one of them!


Here's the link to my course at Queen's for those of you NOT having the brochure:

Posted by Doreen Ritchie – Life Coach Belfast, Northern Ireland on Saturday, 17 August 2019



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